Hello from Ballina

Marlene and I are still at Skennars head and we will be there until the end of July. The weather has not been kind with lots of rain and heavy overcast skies. I had forgotten how little there is to see when you go driving, the Coast Road between Ballina and Byron Bay offers only a few glimpses of the ocean over the 40 odd kilometres. All you get is very dense vegetation.

On our train trip from Brisbane to Cairns in 2012 the scenery was constant heavy vegetation or sugar cane farms. The Pacific highway is no better until you get to Grafton and there is farming on the river flats, and a lot of that is sugar cane. Couple that with the narrow roads and there is nowhere to pull off safely if you get a photo op. There has been a distinct lack of photo ops

The big news is that Bill, Marlene’s daughter’s fella has finally dragged the boat out of the shed. The boat has been under construction for 13 years, a big job but it certainly looks the part. It is going in the water in a couple of weeks so that will be a big occasion for them. Still a long way to go for them as the mast needs to be stepped and  rigged, which will take some time, and money.

Not much else is happening up here, I want to go South and get get started looking for a house  to buy. We can’t live in the caravan forever, she misses her sewing machine and I am missing my 27 monitor.

If this Post looks a little messy it is because I am still finding my was around the s         The Boat #2The Boat #1The view


2 thoughts on “Hello from Ballina

  1. She’s a beauty – a labour of love. It’s just the beginning of some exciting adventures. We will see you in the water. 🙂


  2. Well done on the blog Rodney. I’d stay north a bit longer if I was you – it’s cold and wet down south…


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